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Terms of use

1. Purpose: The policy aims at providing secure and acceptable use of the Portal.
2. Scope: This policy is applicable to the employees and departments using this portal.
3. Exception: Management: For any exception / deviation, the user shall take approval from the relevant official.
4. Policy
4.1 Acceptable Use of the Portal
4.1.1. User shall be responsible for the activities carried out on the portal, using the accounts assigned to him / her.
4.1.2. User’s network access shall be subjected to monitoring / filtering for malicious / unauthorized activities.
4.1.3. Backup of important files shall be taken by the user at regular intervals.
4.1.4. System / media containing official information shall be physically secured.
4.1.5. User shall not leave system unattended. The user shall lock out his / her system before leaving the system. Additionally, system idle timeout shall be configured on the portal.
4.1.6. User shall not engage in any of the following activities: Circumventing security measures Unauthorized access to Systems / Data / Programs Harassing other users by accessing or modifying their data / resources on the system Making copies of software / data for unauthorized use Impersonation Phishing Social engineering Unauthorized use of software license Providing official e-mail address on Internet mail groups / bulletin boards for personal use Any activity that is in violation of Central Civil Services (Conduct) rules User shall report security incident to the System Administrator / Network Security Administrator. User shall ensure that the system is configured as follows: User shall not share the portal account credentials with anyone. Every user on the shared client system has a separate account.